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The Real Reason
Title: The Real Reason
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG, language
Disclaimer: don’t own them, never have, never will, this is just for fun
Summary: Adam wants Kris’ opinion about his AMA performance

Kris tapped his phone on his leg, thinking about how to reply. He looked at the message again. "Was it 2 much?"

There wasn’t any doubt about what Adam meant. He wanted Kris’ opinion on his AMA performance. Kris didn’t get a chance to talk to Adam after the performance because reporters were lined up around the block plus he had to catch a flight to New York that night. They hadn’t talked since then but Kris was well aware of all the negative comments that had been made.

"2 much 4 some people I hear." Kris knew it wasn’t a good enough answer but he just didn’t know what to say.

"I wasn’t expecting the shit storm that it caused. Got cancelled 4 GMA performance."

"I heard. That sucks."

"So they want me 2 apologize. Should I?"

"R u sorry?"

"Sorry caused so much crap. Not sorry about performance."

"Then don’t apologize. Just say what u mean."

"Yeah, that’s what I think 2. Thanks."

"No problem."

"Still going to be on Letterman. Already taped it. I was on best behavior."

"That’s gr8. I will be watching."

"Just found out that when GMA cancelled. Early Show invited me."

"Hey, I knew u would come out OK."

"I hope so."

"U will, at least u have everyone talking."

"Mostly talking shit if that counts."

"It counts. How is NYC?"

"Fucking Cold!"

"Will u get a chance to see Neil?"

"Yeah, getting together with family 4 Thanksgiving. Mom is along with me."

"So controversial, badass rockstar travels with his Mom?"

"Ha. Good 4 my image don’t u think?"

"2 funny."

"So was it 2 much?"

Kris knows Adam will not let this go until he gets an answer. What to tell him? How to say that he really didn’t like it and it was kind of upsetting? Yet Kris himself can’t really say why he was so upset by it. Actually, it was just Adam being Adam, giving people a show in his over-the-top way. So why did he have such a painful almost like a punch in the gut reaction? Well, maybe he does know why but he isn’t about to admit that.

"Maybe a little. U scared the shit out of me when u fell."

"Me 2."

"That was a gr8 recovery. Wasn’t sure if it was planned or not."

"God, I just lucked out with that. Not planned, boot kind of went into the step and tripped me. Really graceful right?"

"Kind of funny actually."

"Not really!! Scared myself."

"You never get scared."

"Kind of scared now. So did I shock and disgust u?"

Kris could read the vulnerability in Adam's question. He wanted to be supportive but honest too.

"Didn’t think u could shock me anymore, but u did. No disgust involved. U surprised me with the kiss."

"Surprised Tommy 2. Even surprised myself."

"How did he take it, u said he was str8."

"He was cool, laughed about it."

Kris wanted to know exactly what was going on with Tommy but didn’t think he could ask right out without seeming petty or even jealous.

"Is it something you will be doing again during concerts?"

"The kissing?"


"IDK, maybe."

"Will Tommy be Ok with that?"

"Haven’t ask, really haven’t thought about it yet."

"If he is not cool with getting grabbed and kissed every night, could be a problem."

"Not going to do it if he objects. Jeez!"

Kris bites his lip. Should he say more? He shrugs and starts typing.

"Well. If it’s a problem… I know somebody else who can play both guitar and keyboard."

"Yeah who?"

"Your former roommate."

"Funny, still be the same problem with kissing str8 boys."

"I’d be cool…… just saying."

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I really like this fic! Good work

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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