MPREG and Drag
I am looking for two different, humorous fics.

1. Famous Kris has a one night stand with Adam and Adam gets pregnant. Very funny.

2. Starts out with a make-out session on Kris' couch when he thinks he brought home a sexy woman from the bar but is surprised when it's not a woman.

The Real Reason
Title: The Real Reason
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG, language
Disclaimer: don’t own them, never have, never will, this is just for fun
Summary: Adam wants Kris’ opinion about his AMA performance

Kris tapped his phone on his leg, thinking about how to reply. He looked at the message again. "Was it 2 much?"

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Title: Sour with a Side of Sweet
Author: Kterp
Pairing: Kradam
Wordcount: 1,190
Rating: R for language
Warnings: Language
Disclaimer: Don't know these people. This never happened.
Summary: Kris was in a pissy mood again. Adam has to cheer him up.

Kris was in a pissy mood again. He couldn't wait for this stupid tour to be over. Was it even possible to be cooped up with a more annoying bunch of people? No! And why would they think because someone was in a bad mood that their hearing was impaired?

Like this morning when they were getting off the bus Matt says to Sarver, "And you were worried that Adam was going to be a diva on this tour." And Michael had answered, "Yeah really, but that is before I really knew Adam. I was so wrong Adam is always nice. Kris however..." I mean really they were like ten feet behind him. Maybe they just didn't care if he heard. Assholes.

Of course everyone loves Adam. Adam is amazing. Adam is wonderful. Adam is just such a great guy. Yeah right. Adam is a selfish jerk. They just don't know him as well as Kris does. The only reason that they all like him, aside from the fact that all the women and half the guys are hot for him, is that he is such a professional suck-up. The guy has it down to an art form. It's just like he has this weird sense of what to say and do to just melt everyone. Seriously, none of these idiots can see through it. No matter how often he flatters them they just eat it up and buy every word he says. Frankly, it makes Kris sick.

Adam doesn't give a damn about any of them, this morning was just typical. Everyone is on the bus at the hotel ready to come to the arena. Everyone of course except his royal highness. We wait and wait, probably more than five minutes. Kris was getting really steamed so he yelled at Allison to call the asshole and see if he was coming. She called, then said notto wait. He wasn't ready but Drake would drop him in off shortly on his way to the airport. Of course, Drake was there so Adam couldn't get his ass out of bed. Katy was there last night too and Kris was on the bus on time. Really, was that so hard to do? It was no surprise though, when Drake showed up Adam didn't give a shit about anyone else. Just whatever Adam and Drake wanted to do, to hell with everyone. The least the inconsiderate bastard could have done is said he wasn't coming so we wouldn't have been waiting for him. Jeez, what an ass!

Kris glanced out the side of his eyes at the eight idols sitting together at the other end of the room. They were spread out on a couple of couches and some chairs talking quietly together. Usually, they were louder and joked around but today they were whispering and glancing his way. Who cares? Kris was sitting in a metal folding chair with his laptop opened up on a small table in front of him. He was pretending to be busy reading something, but he actually was just using it as an excuse to keep the others from talking to him. Thankfully it was working. They had been sitting around for about 20 minutes and no Adam yet. Why would anyone be surprised? Just then Linda walks in with her clipboard.

"Morning everyone! Hope you slept well and had a nice relaxing day off yesterday. Now it's back to business. They are setting up for your press meetings right now. You need to be ready to go in about 45 minutes. "On today for interviews are, " she checks her notes. "Michael, Scott, Anoop, Allison and Adam. Hey where's Adam?"

"He's at the hotel and should be here in a few minutes." Allison responds quickly.

"OK Good, " Linda says turning toward Kris, "If Adam doesn't make it in time, Kris you will have to fill in for him today."

"No way!" Kris shouts, "He can do his own damn press. I'm not covering for him."
Linda does not seem fazed by Kris outburst, "Well," she answers evenly, "Then you better make sure he gets here in time."

No sooner had Linda left than Allison has to find the bathroom. She grabs her cell and leaves. Wow, Kris thinks, could she be more obvious? Adam will get the word now that he had better get his fine ass down here pronto.

Kris stews for another half hour. Suddenly, the door flies open and the man himself, strides in all cheerful and bubbly.

"Hey guys, sooo sorry I'm late. I didn't think we had to do press today. I thought that since it was a holiday we would get it off." Kris can tell by Adam's voice that he's smiling as he says it, he tries not to look at him but he is curious about what is coming next.

Finally, Anoop pipes up, "What holiday is it today?"

"Well," says Adam, then he pauses and smiles again, "Today is officially Kris Allen Appreciation Day."

Kris can't help but groan.

"No really, " Adam continues, "today is the day that we are thankful that we get to tour with the best American Idol of all time. The sweetest, nicest, most considerate, and I will add cutest, most distracting American Idol every in existence."

To celebrate I brought cupcakes for everyone. Adam opens the box and starts passing them out. Kris looks away struggling to keep his frown in place. "Hey, Matty, don't take that one in the center, that's Kris' special one."

Kris refuses to look up at Adam when he appears in front of him. "Here, Kris honey, a special cupcake for you, with marble swirls, chocolate frosting and extra sprinkles, plus your favorite coffee with just a little cinnamon in it."

Kris can't take it anymore. He shuts his computer and lays his head down on top of it, hiding his face. He will not look at Adam. Setting the coffee and cupcake in front of Kris, Adam steps behind him, leans down and hugs him. A shiver passes through Kris' body as he feels Adam's lips gently on his cheek. Adam's breath is warm as he whispers. "We all love you Kris. You’re the greatest."

Standing back up, Adam claps his hands together and says, "Okay folks, let's go do some press, and don't forget to treat Kris extra special today." With that Adam breezes out the door followed by the four others off to do interviews.

After the door closes, Kris slowly lifts up his head. He can't keep the smile from spreading across his face. He smells the coffee and tastes it. Oh it's so good. Reaching out his finger he swipes it across the cupcake.then pops it in his mouth. "Mmmmm" escapes his lips.

He gives the others a sidelong glance and catches Danny rolling his eyes. Kris doesn't care. He slowly pulls the paper off his cupcake and takes a big bite. It is delicious, the coffee is great, and he can still feel Adam's warm hug and the spot on his cheek where Adam's lips rested. Kris Allen Appreciation Day. Jeez for stupid. Kris laughs a little to himself. I don't know why anyone would fall for all his bullshit.


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